The Significance of a Lesbian Cemetery

A couple of months ago the LGBT community changed history. In Berlin an exclusive graveyard was opened that was to be the home of deceased lesbians only. As the first lesbian graveyard in the world, this should allow lesbians to “live together in afterlife”.

I admit to have been rather puzzled when reading a brief article on the subject in this month’s NEON Magazin. Do lesbians really have to be buried on the same fenced land lot to be able to experience the same death together, whatever that might be? And why would a discriminated group of human beings to seclude themselves thus when they seem to yearn to be able to live and to be treated like an average Joe? And why do I need to fit into the mould of a female homosexual to be allowed to be buried there?

Obviously this is a great milestone for lesbians because it displays the approval of the (Lutheran) church for the gay community being buried in the “holy grounds”. Were it the 19th or even the 20th Century these women wouldn’t necessarily even had deserved a proper Christian funeral. Therefore this can be seen as a proof of progression and sends the encouraging message to homosexuals who might still hesitate to get out of the closet.

Also it is understandable why a person would like to be buried with the people he or she feels attached to. While the friends and family might be unfamiliar with the problems the homosexuals go through, the LGBT community can provide support for its members in dealing the adversities of homosexuality together. Hence it is no wonder they might face the adversity of death together. And considering the amount of religious individuals, who would rather have the bodies of these “sinners” decompose somewhere else, this arrangement benefits all.

After some further research it turned out that my assumptions were wrong and anyone can actually apply for a burial place. But since the lesbians are funding the maintenance and landscaping of the area that can serve as the resting place of approximately 80 individuals, it would seem silly and selfish for a heterosexual to demand to be buried there as well. It would be like going uninvited to a stranger’s picnic party and demanding a share of the goods.


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