On Religion

There’s a reason why I have abstained from posting on matters religion. As much as I disagree with many of the doctrines taught by various religions, I’ve never wished to set myself against people for simply not believing the way I do. And to be honest, this topic quite upsets me.

There are terrifying things people may do in the name of a god: burn books, destroy cathedrals and murder unbelievers and wrong believers alike. This is, and always will be, the case as I doubt religion will ever become a thing of the past.

The church I grew up with is very liberal in comparison to those you see in most countries. Kicking out the wrong believers is unheard of and the ministers are fully aware that this generation is not at all as religious as the previous ones may have been. Their motives for attending the confirmation service have little or nothing to do with worshipping a deity; there are some who intend to become godfathers and –mothers while others wish to be wed in church. As for me, I was there to spend some quality time with old friends.

Since then there have been waves of people leaving the Evangelical Lutheran Church. At times it was for a Christian democrat saying something disagreeable and at times it was for the church taking a more liberal standpoint by welcoming the LGBT community. Needless to say, it is difficult to please everybody within a church where everyone can choose what to believe in.

Instead of saving the annual church tax for better purposes, I’ve stayed with the church. I can safely say that I am an atheist but I can’t deny the cultural power the holds over a great number of people. By staying, I retain a voice within the church that stands equal to that of the most devoted churchgoer. Perhaps that way I can make sure that no book, no cathedral and no human will ever be harmed by my church.


One thought on “On Religion

  1. There’s a reason why I don’t post on matters religion and that is because it is no one’s business but mine. I do not seek to proselytise. I do not seek to warn.
    However, I abhor violence perpetrated in the name of a God, for there is one thing I am sure, if there is such a thing as a higher being it/she/he would seek to guide our species toward evermore harmonious co-existence if only in the name of fairness and efficiency.
    And that means no harm being committed against any human, book or cathedral.
    Your voice within the church is, I am sure, very welcome.
    P.S. Thanks for liking my blog.

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