People of WordPress: Come Voice your Opinion

Due to some recent changes WordPress has introduced on reading settings, I am very unhappy and you should be unhappy as well.

You should all be familiar with the reader. It’s where all your posts go when you publish them and it’s where (I’d assume) most of your readers come from. The reader is supposed to be your valued friend.

Not too long ago, you could change the way your post appears in Reader. You could either have the full blog post appear on the Reader or a short excerpt with a link to your blog, where the full post would be available to read. Now this option has been removed in order to “improve experience for the readers” in Reader. Instead, Reader will now by default show an excerpt of your post in the feed clicking of which will open up the full post in Reader.

You may now ask, what is there to fuss about if it’s only a question of how your post appears in the Reader. The answer is simple: people will not visit your blog.

All that time you spent choosing the right theme and layout for your blog will now go unnoticed by many of your readers. Sure there is a visit button provided at the corner of the post in Feed but even for me, someone who has been using WordPress for nearly two years, it took time to realise that I wasn’t actually looking at the post the way the blogger may have intended. Instead of Reader working as a tool for bloggers, it seems the staff at WordPress have now decided to turn it into a weird supreme blog of its own that is powered by your posts.

If you are bothered by this as much as I am, you need to let WordPress know. Unfortunately, WordPress is lacking a proper feedback option. For this reason, I have created a new thread in WordPress forums that should be more easily found and accessed than this thread, where other members have already voiced their distaste for the change. I recommend you to read the old thread since other users have pointed out other issues involved with the change. Perhaps if enough people spoke up, we might be able to convince the happiness engineers to change WordPress for the better.

I encourage you, plead you, to spread word of this development. Please reblog this post or write a post of your own on the subject with links to these threads. We will only have a chance at this if we reach as many people as possible.

Thank you and let’s try make WordPress into a better place!

#NotMyWordpress #Wordpress #BringBacktheOldReaderOptions

p.s. If you can think of a better hashtag, please tell me.


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